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Our proven home improvement solutions and ironclad reputation make Awsar Construction one of the most trusted exterior renovation companies in the nation.

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We provide “Best Properties” suitable for any kind of individual. We have different projects with various amenities. Our approach is based on professionalism, trust and respect for the consumer. 

Vastu City One

Deluxe Residential covering large areas, Duplex Apartments available.

Signature Home

This particular section deals in customized homes that fulfill the special requirement of clients.

Vastu City

Vastu City is the place you will look forward to as it specializes in High-end properties situated at the prime location with all the required facilities.

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We are a team of Diverse Professionals who has the expertise and skills to uplift our brand name in the dimension of the best real estate agencies in India. Our team’s ability to identify and cater to the growing requirement of the consumers is truly commendable. The experience each individual carries acts as a milestone for our company to achieve global recognization as a Brand.

Technical Head

It was his life-long dream to establish such a brand that fulfills the rapid demand of the consumers at an affordable rate with all the luxurious amenities.

Business Development Head

She is responsible and accountable for the overall operation and management of the development of the company. She looks upon setting the company’s overall strategic direction and priorities and monitoring the performance of the company as well as the performance of each project.

Marketing Head

His contributions to the company’s development are undeniable. He oversees, maintains, and inspects all designated properties and staff.

What our Clients Say

Jay Lalit


I am utterly satisfied with the services and Guidance of Aswar Construction. As they prioritized my opinion and provided me the property accordingly


Niti Mohan


We are very delighted to buy the 3 BHK apartment they provided. It is capacious with a soothing interior and gives out a perfect homely vibe.


Ayush Roy


I was looking for a property with high-end amenities and in a prime location. So content with the diverse choices they had given


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